Mirai Hardcase Ukraine Edition

  • Hard case in synthetic leather that holds 3 Butts and 4 Shafts 
  • Available in Ukraine colors
  • Height 87cm, Width 7cm, Deep 4cm, Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Small Pocket: 18 cm with zipper openings and a specific chalk compartment
  • Large Pocket: 45cm with zipper openings and velvet interior lining

Dear European billiard community.

I want to address all pool players who want to help and support the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom, our common values, and security on European soil. Here is a good way for you to support us in Ukraine by buying this nice pool case made by Mirai

Collected funds will help us to survive this winter and bring some joy and smiles to those kids who keep learning the game of pool in spite of all the difficulties in Ukraine. I want to thank my Swedish friends at probilliardcues.com for their support with the idea, design, shipment, and funding of all 30 cases. I also would like to give a very big thank you to Mirai company for their help with producing their product in the Ukrainian flag colors.

Sincerely yours, Serhii Vaskovskyi from Kyiv, Ukraine

18 pieces in stock

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