IQCues started by Mr. Dimitrios Kalogeras, he wanted to create a pool cue that had a perfect balance and with the right rigidity, ie something he himself wants to play with but which he had not found in his first 20 years as a pool player.

In 2006, Dimitrios decided to quit his job at the local construction company, with a goal set on being a cue maker, he study the trade at Arnot Q, after a while he also received some good tips from Dennis Searing.

Dimitrios built his first billiard pool cue in 2007, from the first cue until the beginning of 2009 Dimitrios had built a total of 12 cues, and repaired and renovated lots of cues from all makers.
Rumor began to spread from the first 12 cues that IQCue's pool cues were something extra to play with.

In 2013, the IQ cue they manufactured were very advanced, as were the wooden cue shaft that were named Infinity.
The development of cues, shafts and work shop has gone really fast from the time Dimitrios started the company until today, the IQ Cues latest invention is the carbon fiber Stellar shaft.
In 2022 Dimitrios decided to sell his old IQCues company to his former staff and partner.
Now we at Pro Billiard Cues and the rest of all IQ cue fans are waiting for Dimitrios next step, hopefully he will continue his cue making journey from a new modern workshop somewhere in Athens.

IQCue players

In 2011 IQCues gave Alexander Kazakis a cue shaft that Alexander stuck to, in 2014 Alexander got a full set of cues (jumps, break and playing cue) from IQCues, shortly afterwards Alexander started to win competitions, and in 2019 Alexander had come a long way on his pool playing career by winning many international tournaments that he was ranked 1st in the world. As the best ranked in the world, Alexander Kazakis was sponsored by Predator in 2020 and the collaboration with IQCues ended.

When Oliver Szloniki heard that Alexander Kazakis got sponsored by Predator, Oliver directly asked Dimitrios if he could become an IQCues player, IQCues then built a full set of cues for Oliver, and already the following year Oliver placed 3rd in the World Cup in 9-ball, Olivers IQCues journey has just begun, hopefully Oliver will also be ranked number one in the World.

In 2013, Nikos Gerasimopoulos also started playing with IQCue's cues, Nikos is a very technical person who has been involved in the development of IQCue's carom billiard cues.

Nikos is a successful carom billiard player, especially in One Cushion billiards, Nikos has won the French championships twice and come second at the European championships, Nikos has also won several French tournaments in 47/2 and 71/2, he is also a World Record holder. 

As a side note, worth mention, Dimotrios himself is a very good player, been in the Greek national team, won many tournaments, played some of the best players including legends like Jim Rempe and Earl the Pearl Strickland to later hotshots like Joshua Filler in tournament's. Dimitrios best racks in a row in a tournament are 8 in 9 ball, so yes, the IQ-man can play.

IQ Cutom Ques

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